Banish sleepless nights for World Sleep Day

• 18 March 2022

You’re probably not sleeping well. If you’re like many adults, you’re not getting much. According to NCBI, “40% of people age 40 to 59 reported that they are getting less than recommended amounts of sleep.” So, for World Sleep Day, it’s time to do something about insomnia. It’s time to stick it to sleeplessness. And for that, we’re turning to Dr. Harris


Is bad sleep really a problem?

We didn’t think so at first, but then we read these stats:

  • Almost 20% of all car accidents and injuries are associated with sleepiness. - NCBI
  • 3-5% of obesity in adults could be caused by lack of sleep. - Harvard
  • 75-90% of insomnia sufferers have an increased risk of medical disorders. - NCBI
  • Sleeping 60 to 90 minutes more per night can make you happier and healthier. - APA

So it’s probably time to banish sleepless nights for both World Sleep Day and just for our health overall, right? To do that, we’re using clever sleep tech.


Our sleep aid pick - Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask

The Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask promotes emotional relaxation that can help you sleep better. Feel 67% more relaxed within just minutes of using the soft silk mask. It pushes on pressure points that normally harbour tension to help you sleep and fight sights of ageing like those stern brow 11’s too. That’s way better than a normal sleep mask. In their study, only 20% of people found a normal mask to be relaxing.


Dr. Harris sleep mask press

Romper was one of the first publications to put the mask to the test. This is what she had to say:

“I’ve personally been wearing it all night, every single night for the past four months, and can attest that it puts me in a deeper sleep; honestly, even my face looks more relaxed when I wake up. My husband has also been wearing his for about three months and, via his Garmin watch, has been able to clock in hours of deep sleep that he hadn’t seen before — like, five hours of deep sleep versus the two to three hours he got before wearing the mask.”


Dr. Harris sleep mask review

Current Body customer Denise S. participated in a study to track her sleep for 5 days without the sleep mask and then 5 days using the Dr. Harris mask. Her tracker tells a story of hitting those sleep goals with the mask.

And she reviews the amazing Dr. Harris mask in her own words:

“The second week, I can hardly recall being awake much, the mask certainly helped me stay more asleep or get back to sleep quickly and I feel like I had longer periods of deep sleep. The first 2 nights I wore the mask I really noticed the difference, I couldn’t recall any times I was awake and just lying trying to fall back asleep. When I woke up in the morning I felt like I had slept straight for hours.”

And the stats speak for themselves...

If you’d like to join Denise and see better sleep day after day, take a look at what the Dr. Harris mask can do for you here.

Carly Hibbins Beauty Writer
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