Here Are 7 Masturbation Benefits You Didn't Know About

by Karolina Wilde

• 26 May 2022

May is International Masturbation Month, and the 28th of May is International Masturbation Day, so there is no better time to celebrate the beauty of self-pleasure than now. 

The first International Masturbation Day was celebrated back in 1995 in honor of Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, who was fired for proposing to include masturbation in the sex education curriculum for students. 

It first started as a way to celebrate our right to masturbate, and ever since, it has evolved into a month of talking about masturbation benefits and how it can make life better. 

7 Masturbation Benefits You Need To Know

1. Boosts Your Mood

When you orgasm, your brain releases a few different hormones that positively affect the way you feel. One of those hormones is serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for boosting your mood and making you feel happy. 

Research also shows that having an orgasm leads to an increased concentration of dopamine and oxytocin, both hormones known as love and happiness hormones. Society of Neuroscience has found that women who experience a large increase in oxytocin report being happier and more satisfied with their life.  

So, if you're looking for an easy and effective way to boost your mood when you're feeling down, masturbating might be a way to go. 

2. Helps Fight Stress

Another masturbation benefit that is important to your health is that it helps reduce stress. When you're having sex and are truly present in the moment, you don't have time to think about your work or kids, or other adult life responsibilities. The same goes for solo play – your mind is too busy enjoying the sensations of pleasure to overthink, which helps relieve stress. 

Also, the same hormone oxytocin that's responsible for boosting your mood after an orgasm is also the one that helps your body fight stress. When oxytocin is released, it helps decrease cortisol (stress hormone) levels in your body. 

3. Better Sleep 

Have trouble falling asleep at the end of a long day? An orgasm before bed can help you solve that issue. Studies have shown that oxytocin also helps to improve sleep. When researchers studied sex and sleep, they found that people who masturbated before bedtime had a better sleep quality.

So, next time, instead of counting sheep in your mind, bring out your favorite sex toy and enjoy one of many masturbation benefits.

4. Pain Relief

Another important hormone our body releases when we orgasm is endorphins. Endorphins help reduce pain, which means that another great masturbation benefit is being a natural painkiller. 

Masturbation can also help increase pain tolerance levels in women. One study conducted back in 1985 found that vaginal stimulation can increase a woman's pain threshold up to 40% and above. 

Masturbation when on your period can also help you fight uncomfortable period cramps. Combined with all the other feel-good hormones that the brain releases when you orgasm will surely make you feel much better. 

5. Better Body Image and Confidence

Regular masturbation can help you discover and get to know your body better. It also helps you develop a better sense of self and accept and love your body for the way it is. It's one of the most important masturbation benefits.  

Masturbation is one of the ways to practice self-care, which promotes self-love and learning to appreciate your body despite any negative feelings or impressions you might have. Also, when you're familiar with your body and learn to love it, you'll feel more confident with other people. And that leads to another advantage: 

6. Helps Improve Partnered Sex

The orgasm gap still exists, and heterosexual women are the ones that suffer because of it. One way to help close the orgasm gap and enjoy more partnered sex is by masturbation. A study published in 2014 found that 35% of women who frequently climaxed during partnered sex masturbate

Solo pleasure helps improve partnered sex for many different reasons. First, when you're masturbating, you don't have to worry about the pressure of performance or pleasing your partner, so you can easily focus on yourself and what makes you orgasm. 

You can also take your time and explore what turns you on, what feels the best, and what type of stimulation you don't like. Experimenting with toys can open up a new door to even more pleasure, and it can give you ideas on how to incorporate sex toys into partnered play to make it better for both you and your partner. 

7. Increases Libido

A common misconception people have about masturbation is that it will ruin your sex life and libido, and you're not going to want sex with your partner. The reality is quite the opposite – regular masturbation can help improve your libido and make you want more sex. 

The more sex (partnered or solo) you have, the more your body will want to have it again. The reason why this happens is because our bodies are wired to crave things that feel great (orgasms, binge-watching Gilmore Girls, donuts... the list goes on). 


Toys To Enhance Your Solo Pleasure

Now that you know all masturbation benefits and how it can make your life better, it's time to talk about ways to enhance your solo sex sessions with the help of our favorite toys.

For Clitoral Orgasms

Womanizer Premium 2

This clitoral stimulator uses gentle air vibrations to massage your clitoris without direct touch. The sensation of sucking combined with the gentle massaging motion will make your solo orgasms unforgettable. 

Womanizer Premium 2 has 14 intensity levels, and the new Autopilot feature allows you to experience unpredictable stimulation just like you would during oral sex and gives you up to 4 hours of playtime. 


LELO SILA offers a set of pulsating sensations that imitate the feeling of oral sex without direct clitoris stimulation. It uses the special sonic wave technology, which builds the pleasure slowly and deeply without compromising its quality. 


You can choose between eight different vibration settings and have up to 2 hours of playtime. And pro tip: don't only use LELO SILA on your clit, but also on your nipples for some mindblowing combined stimulation. 

Lora DiCarlo Drift

If you're looking for a great alternative to a clitoral bullet vibrator, then Lora DiCarlo Drift will be perfect for you. This warming handheld massager can be used as a clitoral vibrator and a g-spot massager. The WarmSense technology heats the toy to just above 40 C to help increase blood flow and improve arousal.  

This massager offers seven different intensities and three vibration patterns and gives you up to 1 hour of playtime. Plenty of time for multiple O's.

For G-Spot Orgasms 

Lora DiCarlo Onda

If you're looking for mind-blowing g-spot orgasms, then Lora DiCarlo Onda will be your next favorite sex toy. It offers the sensation of being filled with the robotic finger fitted in the perfect spot to massage your g-spot just the way you like it. 

The massager has ten intensity settings and rumbling vibrations for added stimulation and is fully waterproof, so you can easily bring it with you to your shower. 


For a more targeted g-spot stimulation, LELO's GIGI 2 will be a perfect pick. The rounded head at the top makes it the perfect toy to rub and stimulate your g-spot while choosing between eight vibration modes. And if you want to switch things up, use LELO GIGI 2 as a clitoral vibrator. 

LELO GIGI 2 gives you up to 4 hours of playtime and is 100% waterproof, so you can bring it with you into the shower, bath, or any other body of water where you want to explore your pleasure. 

For Blended Orgasms

LELO Enigma

Blended orgasms are sweet, and it's hard to get enough of them. Thanks to toys like LELO Enigma, they're also easily achievable. LELO Enigma is curved perfectly to fit all bodies and provides gentle clitoral stimulation simultaneously with g-spot stimulation for toe-curling orgasms. 

It has eight different vibration modes, is fully waterproof, and offers up to 2 hours of playtime. 

Womanizer DUO

The evolution of the classic vibrator, Womanizer DUO, is the perfect dual vibrator for a modern woman. It offers intense yet quiet dual stimulation of your clitoris and g-spot simultaneously. 

Choose from ten different vibration settings and 12 intensity levels to bring you mind-blowing pleasure. Oh, and did we mention that it's fully waterproof? So, enjoy blended orgasms in your bedroom or your shower. 

Lora DiCarlo Ose 2

Lora DiCarlo Ose 2 is a dual vibrator with one end that mimics oral sex and a second end that's insertable and stimulates all the right spots from the inside. The robotic finger on the insertable sleeve adds extra stimulation that mimics your partner's fingers.

Lora DiCarlo Ose 2 offers ten different intensity settings, is fully waterproof, and gives you up to 1 hour of playtime. 


For Anal Orgasms

LELO Mona Wave

LELO Mona Wave is a g-spot massager that you can also use for intense anal orgasms. It's quiet, small, and discreet, made out of body-safe premium silicone and shaped to hit all the right spots inside your vagina and anus. 

Choose between eight strong vibration settings, bring it to the bathroom with you if you'd like, and enjoy up to two hours of quality playtime. 

Lora DiCarlo Tilt

If you're looking for a universal anal toy, then Lora DiCarlo Tilt will be the toy for you. It can be used as a g-spot massager or anal sex toy. The heat technology keeps the toy to 40C, increasing the blood flow and improving the arousal during your solo play. 

Lora DiCarlo Tilt offers seven different settings, is fully waterproof, and gives you up to 1 hour of playtime. Pro tip: if you'll be switching between anal and vaginal penetration, put the condom over the toy to prevent bacteria spread with ease.

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