How to use an Elvie pump

by Abby Jackson

• 22 March 2022

The Elvie Single Breast Pump is one of the easiest and most intuitive breast pumps on the market. It lets you express milk privately and quietly while continuing about your day totally hands-free. Watch television, fold laundry or work on the computer all while pumping. You’re not tethered to wires and plugs with the Elvie pump.


How to use an Elvie breast pump


Step 1: Sterilise the 5 removable parts and let them dry. Charge hub.

Step 2: Download the app to your phone and assemble the Elvie pump.

Step 3: Connect the pump to your phone. If you have a second pump, connect that one too.

Step 4: Pick the right breast shield for your size. Place the pump in your bra cup.

Step 5: Move your bra straps for the perfect fit. Pick stimulation or expression mode.

Step 6: Ensure a good suction and then just relax as the app tracks all your stats


Reviews of the Elvie pump

Reviews of the Elvie pump are glowing as this piece of smart kit is helping new mums get back more of their day. Here are just a few:

Chelsea from the UK says, “This pump is the business! Game changer...I had a huge baby who takes a lot to fill and because I lost a lot of blood during childbirth, my milk wasn’t quite rich enough for her. I bought this to help increase my supply and express some milk to top her up after each feed and it’s worked a treat! I am now exclusively breastfeeding her and pumping enough to give her a few the day (and give my nips a break!) and for my partner to give her a nice big bottle whilst I take our 16month old up for her bath and bed routine....without this pump I would never have had any time in the day to express and increase my milk supply as I was far too busy with my toddler as well as my newborn!”

Craig from the UK says, “Easy to use, my partner loves it. Expensive but well worth the money. Get it as early as possible so you can really get your money's worth.”

Safiyyah from the USA says, “I am thankful for this device that words can’t express my feelings enough. Want on the pumping? Sure... Easy to use? You got it. Quiet, painless, and overall competitive... You will not regret it. Highly recommend !”

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