Want To Reduce Wrinkles As You Sleep? Let Us Show You How...

by Chloe Beveridge

Want To Reduce Wrinkles As You Sleep? Let Us Show You How...

We all want easy solutions to everyday problems. There's no shame in it; it's natural to seek the path of least resistance, particularly if this path happens to run alongside your goals. Skincare is no different, and we're always looking for quick and easy fixes for life's little problems – from using aspirin to cleanse your skin, to concocting face masks with a gloppy mix of honey and avocado – we're all just looking for an easy solution to fix the minor imperfections.

What if there was an easy solution to reduce wrinkles? And it's not the skincare equivalent of magic beans! It's a small change to your bedtime routine that could improve your skin tone and drastically reduce wrinkles. How? Ditch those cotton pillowcases, and upgrade your snooze support to the iluminage Beauty Skin Rejuvenating Pillow. Or pick up the iluminage Eye Mask for wrinkle-busting beauty sleep, on-the-go. Unlike normal pillowcases, the iluminage pillow is crafted from copper fibres that are scientifically proven to improve the look and feel of your skin.

How does it work?

Everything is intelligent these days, the toaster, the kettle, even the dog's food dish! And the iluminage Beauty Skin Rejuvenating Pillow is no exception. The intelligent fabric offers a space-age upgrade to your bedroom. When your skin comes into contact with the copper fibres present in the pillowcase, copper ions are released into the moisture space between the fabric and your skin. Copper ions are proven to help support the skin's natural renewal process, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As if we need any more excuses to have a lie-in! In addition to the smart fabric, the pillowcase and eye mask are also incredible soft on your skin, so if you move in the night you won't be pulling on the delicate skinas you would be with an ordinary cotton pillowcase. Cotton is also notorious for drying out the skin, as it is highly absorbent, so your expensive night cream will barely have a chance to get to work before it ends up on your pillow. What a waste!

Want to see it in action?

The lovely Emily recently got to grips with the pillowcase, and we'll be pestering her for a follow-up review shortly!
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