Sunny In Seattle

by Chloe Beveridge

Sunny In Seattle

We all now know the importance of prevention in our beauty routines rather than waiting for age to inevitably catch up on us. Arguably more than any other skincare product it is simple sunscreen that has such an important role in keeping our skin healthy and able to battle with the hands of time.

Sunscreens do come with their issues and having recently met some of the most influential people in skincare I thought I would dig a little further. A journey that took me to the West Coast of America.

With the development of more complex sunscreens that offer all day protection from damaging UVA and UVB rays along with “stay all day” foundations users often get left with residue on the skin that can lead to a dull, unhealthy looking complexion. This in turn means people are reluctant to re-apply or use often enough to take care of their skin. I am asked about the best ways to deal with the problem particularly those heading off to sunnier climes at this time of year.

Dinner with Dr. Robb Akridge, co-founder of Clarisonic at one of London’s trendy hotels was a perfect opportunity to pick his brains about several subjects, but with summer (if we ever see it in the UK) coming up, I specifically asked him about how Clarisonic can help with this issue.

Dr Robb is a scientist who has spent over 25 years in medical and global health research but in consumer terms he invented one of Oprah’s ‘favourite things’! What immediately struck me about Dr Robb is that he is refreshingly honest about the beauty industry and shares many of the values we have at CurrentBody. He believes that Clarisonic has installed confidence in the consumer because it actually delivers on what they say it can do. He understands about limitations of a product too and knows too often marketing jargon replaces the facts. Clarisonic is about facts, and facts that have been proven.

Not surprisingly he reiterated that "Sunscreen is one of the most important things you can do to protect the skin, but removing the entire residue can sometimes be tricky. Cleansing with Clarisonic gives you an easier and more effective option.” We know the powers of the small but mighty facial cleansing tool but it does go much further than that and my trip to Seattle last week proves why. Oh and I visited on a glorious June day in the Emerald City . Unlike any other facial cleanser on the market, Clarisonic demonstrate how efficient their devices are at removing sunscreen in their research facility and publish studies to back up the results. The lab and clinic boast an impressive range of high tech cameras which show an incredible level of detail. Professionals such as eminent dermatologist Dr Tadlock oversee the studies that form the backbone of new developments.

Clarisonic, now turbo charged by skin care giants L’Oreal have all the tools to find the solutions that make it into your bathroom. From polarized light allowing views under the skin to 3D imagery demonstrating every age/sun spot we don’t want to see, they are constantly evaluating every possibility in facial cleansing. That brings me on to the technical bit…In their most recent clinical trial, Clarisonic compared the removal of sunscreen (leading physical and chemical sunscreens, SPF 15 to 30) using their patented sonic cleansing technology to manual sunscreen removal using hands alone. With a split-face study showing side-by-side results, Clarisonic sonic cleansing removed 6x more sunscreen than manual cleansing alone.

Not only are you removing the residue that makes skin look dull but you’re creating a better base for serums and creams to be absorbed properly into the skin cells instead of letting them just float around on top of old sunscreen and foundation. Using a Clarisonic in the morning will also allow your skincare to penetrate the skin before you apply sunscreen and foundation on top, so there you have it - a double whammy!

Read the original Clarisonic study here. What really struck me when walking around Clarisonic’s HQ and speaking to their hugely informed and committed staff was that they are not happy with 10,000,000+ units sold, with the undisputed title of the biggest beauty device on the planet and growing range of ground breaking beauty tools. At the core their values have remained, passed on to them by Dr Robb and his co inventors they all have the same messages installed. They are searching for improvements, however small, that will help protect and improve our skin. They want to deliver the message to the end user with the certainty that it will work.

As Dr Tadlock walked in to deliver a seminar on her latest findings, it struck me how important it is to be passionate about a product and that is a word you sense at every level there.

Despite the clinical studies and the years of treatments and evaluations, this particular message remains fairly simple; put on your sunscreen, always protect your skin, but when it is time to remove it properly use the best tool available.

My chosen travel companion is the SMART Profile. This offers the chance to cleanse your skin up to 11 times better than using your hands alone and it is gentle enough for even those like me with sensitive skin to use every day.

It won’t be long of course before the leaves start falling and when they do Clarisonic becomes your winter companion too, but for now I am back in the UK and for once the sun is shining in beautiful London. Look after your skin and enjoy your Summer.


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