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Mason Pearson Gentle Hairbrush


A gentle hairbrush for the scalp and hair 

Mason Pearson Gentle Hairbrush

A gentle hairbrush for the scalp and hair 


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  • Perfect for fine or thinning hair
  • Made to last 
  • Crafted by hand
  • Rubber cushion pad promotes healthy hair growth 
  • Gentle bristles massage the scalp to promote healthy hair growth 
  • Leaves hair tangle free 

Over 500 thousand Mason Pearson products sold worldwide Official Mason Pearson Retailer

Editor's Notes

This luxurious hairbrush is perfect for keeping hair tangle free and in beautiful condition.
Perfect for those with fine or thinning hair, the gentle design is kind to both the scalp and the hair. The iconic rubber red cushion pad helps to massage a delicate scalp and encourage healthy hair growth.

What's Included

  • Mason Pearson Gentle Hairbrush
  • Brossette de nettoyage

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The Gentle Approach 

Regular brushing helps to keep the hair in the best possible condition. It helps to stimulate the scalp and move essential oils produced at the roots to the ends of the hair, leaving it glossy and healthy-looking.

The Nylon bristles effectively grasp the strands, leaving it completely tangle free without any pulling or snagging.


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