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WrapCurl All Star 1.5" Kit


The secret to super bouncy, healthy curls

WrapCurl All Star 1.5" Kit

The secret to super bouncy, healthy curls


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  • Low heat curling
  • Creates healthy looking hair
  • Bouncy curls in 25 minutes
  • 2 long barrels 1.5”
  • short barrels 1.5”
  • Styling barrels are filled with minerals, crystals and bio beads

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Editor's Notes

Create salon worthy curls without using damaging heat with the WrapCurl All Star 1.5” Inch Kit.

The barrels are filled with minerals, crystals and bio beads which are then heated in the microwave to create the low heat curling tool. This means that the device doesn’t cause damage to the hair, something you may find with a curling tong or straightener.

A quick and easy way to create polished curls, the WrapCurl takes around 25 minutes to work its magic, meaning you can cut your styling time in half.

What's Included

  • Waveband 2 Long Barrels 1.5” 2 Short Barrels 1.5” Heating Pouch

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How to Use:

 Fix the head band around your head.

Place the barrels in to the heating pouch and put in the microwave for 1 minute.

Once heated, attached the barrel to the head band.

Take small pieces of the hair and wrap around the barrel.

Leave for around 25 minutes. The barrels will remain heated from around 45 minutes, so feel free to leave on for longer if you want a super curly, long lasting look.

Finally, unclip the barrel and remove the head band to reveal natural-looking, healthy curls.











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