How to Use The ZIIP Beauty Nanocurrent Device

Beauty Skincare • 24 January 2019

The ZIIP Beauty vision is to go beyond the boundaries of skincare. As the world’s first app-connected and nanocurrent beauty device, they’ve patented and pioneered the ways in which technology becomes incorporated into at-home tools. Through sophisticated programming and powerful electrical currents, it’s the nexus of your elevated beauty routine that meets (almost) every one of your skincare needs.

From beauty editors to A-list celebrities, this hand-held device is transforming the complexions of beauty lovers worldwide. ZIIP Beauty’s most famous fans – Kim Kardashian, Elizabeth Olsen, Jennifer Aniston and Margot Robbie – have raved about the results. Huda Kattan, founder of Huda Beauty, shared the device on her blog. ZIIP Beauty has also repeatedly received accolades from world renowned magazines ELLE, Allure, VOGUE and Cosmopolitan throughout the years.

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ZIIP Beauty Treatments

Designed by electrical esthetician and founder of ZIIP Beauty, Melanie Simon – each treatment uses Dual Waveform Technology to deliver elevated results. Transform your skin the way you want with completely unlimited treatments whenever and wherever you want. Here are some of the ZIIP Beauty treatments on offer to personalize your skincare regime.

  • Energize: 12 minutes of medium intensity for firmer, smoother and more glowing skin. It’s the all-encompassing O.G. favorite. Expect a lit-from-within glow right away with a refreshed vibrancy that only ZIIP can deliver. Recommended 3 times per week.
  • Founder’s Favorite: 10 minutes of light intensity so you won’t feel a thing. 100% nanocurrent, this gentle treatment syncs with your body’s natural current to soothe and calm inflammation. Ideal for sensitive skin types to achieve suspiciously good skin. Recommended 3 times per week.
  • Instant Gratification: 6 minutes of high intensity for an immediate lift. Deep waveforms stimulate facial muscles to lift, contour and open up the face. Loved by celebrity makeup artists to instantly prep skin for the red carpet. Recommended before an event to enhance your bone structure.
  • Eyes: 3 minutes medium intensity targeted treatment for brighter eyes. Better than a good night’s sleep, it decreases puffiness, fine lines and dark circles. Recommended 3 times per week to awaken and refresh eyes.
  • Problem Solver: 4 minutes of high intensity. Negatively-charged energy eliminates positively-charged bacteria to prevent and reduce breakouts while evening out skin tone. Use to spot treat or cover the entire face as needed. Do not exceed more than 1 use per 24-hour period.

Find all 14 treatments, both full facials and targeted treatments on the ZIIP Beauty App.

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