What is EMS training?

• 28 August 2020

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training is a type of training that uses a wearable device that attaches to the body, stimulating your muscles through tiny electrodes that accelerate your workout and enhance your body-toning results.

EMS training is a good way to improve your overall fitness, tone your body and strengthen your muscles in less time than regular exercise.

How does EMS training work?

Usually transmitted via a wearable device such as a belt, the EMS device sends tiny electrical pulses to the muscles to target all four muscle groups for an effective workout.

Regular exercise only stimulates your fast twitch muscles, meaning you’re never getting as much from your workouts as you’d like. EMS devices allow you to achieve accelerated results even under a light load, as they work both your slow and fast-twitch muscles.

You can shave time off your normal gym routine with an EMS device, as the technology works your muscles much more efficiently to accelerate the results you want. Because the EMS device supercharges your workouts, you’ll only need to exercise for as little as 20 minutes per day.

What results can I expect to see?

An EMS device encourages your body to enter a high metabolic state, helping you to tone and sculpt your body, even stubborn areas around your waist, hips and thighs. As the device works your muscles, you’ll notice improved muscle strength and endurance too.

You only need to use the device for 20-30 minutes a day, 5 times a week to see visible results.

Is EMS training safe?

When you use an EMS device, the sensation can take a little while to get used to. Although EMS training does not hurt, you will feel a tingling sensation from the wearable device. This is completely normal, the sensation you can feel is a clear indication that the device is activating and stimulating your muscles during your workout.

With all home-use devices, you should check with your doctor before using an EMS device.

Which is the best EMS machine?

The best EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) machine is the one that targets your specific body concern. With most EMS devices, they are made to tone a muscle group or body part. Here are some popular devices from our catalogue with the conditions they’re designed to treat:

High-impact ab workout - Slendertone Abs 8 Toning Belt

This comfy band is designed to tone your abdominal muscles. With 10 toning programmes and 100 intensity levels, you can reshape your midsection in just 8 weeks. As with any EMS machine, the Slendertone Abs 8 Toning Belt mimics a workout by flexing your muscles very rapidly. Target all four ab muscles at once, even the tough to train transversus abdominis muscles. Out of the 10 programmes, 7 are for passive use when you’re on the couch, in bed or lounging. Then when you’re doing any cardio activity or ab exercises, tap into the 3 active programmes to amplify your results.

App-based full-body toning - Therabody PowerDot 2.0 Duo Smart Muscle Stimulator

More than just an EMS machine, the FDA-cleared Therabody PowerDot 2.0 Duo Smart Muscle Stimulator relieves pain, helps you get a faster recovery and unlocks better performance from your workouts. The duo version has 2 pod devices for faster results when you target both sides of the muscle group or both sides of your body at once. This EMS machine also includes transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) too. This sends little electrical pulses to the nerves to release pain-blocking chemicals. And that’s renowned for pain relief, especially for menstrual cramps. Lastly, it’s pretty smart. The app-powered personalised treatments make sure that you place the pads in the right place to get the most from your 20 minute, once or twice daily session.

Portable, affordable body toning & pain relief - TensCare Perfect EMS & TENS Unit

The TensCare Perfect EMS & TENS Unit is a reasonably-priced entry into the muscle toning and pain relief arena. With its easy-to-use digital display, quickly strengthen weakened muscles and get pain management where you need it most. It’s easy to place the pads wherever you like on your body and the integrated treatment timer helps you use the EMS and TENS technology to full effect. Just follow the programme 1-2 times a day with effects that last up to 4 hours after using the EMS machine. It’s discrete and easy to add to your regular daily routine.

Stubborn fat targeted toner - L(A)B EMS Body Toning System

The L(A)B EMS Body Toning System tightens and tones your body with pre-programmed workouts for stubborn fat areas. Use the EMS toning technology that’s always non-invasive and pain-free to sculpt yourself across these 6 unique programmes. Relieve tension and tightness while you target problem areas on your tum, arms, thighs, bum and more. Overall, you can combine these fast and slow-twitch muscle movement stimulation sessions with any regular workouts you’re doing in the gym for even faster results.

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