Your period & your sex life

• 12 September 2021

At first glance, you might want your period to have nothing to do at all with your sex life. Seen as icky, sticky or messy - maybe even taboo or shameful in some cultures - many women take their sex lives out of commission for one week every month. But should you? We’ll bust some myths, provide period sex tips and share common questions we hear around menstruation and sex. Maybe your period shouldn’t derail your sex life? You decide.

Common period sex questions

Can I have sex on my period?

Yep. It’s totally fine to have sex on your period.

Can I get pregnant if I have sex on my period?

It’s possible, so always wear a condom or use another form of contraception.

Are there any benefits of having sex on my period?

You may orgasm easier since your hormones are on overdrive. Also, an orgasm can help to relieve cramps.

Is period blood dirty?

No. There’s nothing about your period that you should be ashamed about.

Can I receive oral sex on my period?

Absolutely. If you’re worried about any mess, consider using a menstrual disc, Nüdie Period Cup or tampon and focus on clitoral and labia stimulation alone. Use a dental dam to minimise the risk of STI or bloodborne disease transmission.

What do I do if my partner won’t engage in sex during my period?

That’s okay. Consent goes both ways after all. While your partner isn’t up for it, consider trying some new toys to give yourself sexual pleasure while your arousal is heightened or invite them to explore your other erogenous zones while you engage in vaginal play.

What if my partner ingests period blood?

While there’s nothing particularly dirty about menstrual blood, all blood can carry bloodborne disease. So, try to avoid getting blood on your partner or in their mouth by using condoms and dental dams. If it does happen, rinse and spit.

    Period sex tips

    If you want to try period sex, we recommend you:

    1. Do it in the shower first or lay your ‘hair dying’ towel on the bed to catch any leakage. There are also special sheets you can buy with a waterproof layer if you have a very heavy flow.

    2. Revisit old positions that aren’t favourites. You’re more sensitive right now, so you may enjoy them more than usual.

    3. Use a menstrual disc during oral and penetrative sex to prevent any messes.
    Allow your partner to participate while you self-stimulate to orgasm.

    4. If one of you doesn’t like the look of blood, do it in total darkness or with a blindfold on.

    5. Be sure to use a condom and dental dam because the risk of infections for both you and your partner is higher on your period.

    6. Use lube. Menstrual discharge is not a very good lubricant.

    7. If you feel any soreness with deep penetration, try other positions like spooning or missionary.

    8. Have clean dark-coloured towels ready for afterwards or take a shower immediately to feel squeaky clean.

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