• CapillusOne Hair Regrowth Laser Cap
  • CapillusOne Hair Regrowth Laser Cap
  • CapillusOne Hair Regrowth Laser Cap
  • CapillusOne Hair Regrowth Laser Cap

CapillusOne Hair Regrowth Laser Cap

Discreet hair regrowth device to reverse genetic hair loss, balding and thinning. 

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  1. CapillusOne Laser Therapy Device - Default title
  2. Sports Cap
  3. Accessories Pouch
  4. Universal AC Adapter & 4 Interchangeable Input Blades
  5. Rechargeable Battery Pack
  6. User Manual
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      What you need to know:

      • Clinically proven technology reverses hair loss, thinning and balding caused by genetics
      • 112 medical-grade laser diodes penetrate hair follicles for effective hair growth
      • Comfortable flexible design ensures maximum laser coverage
      • Revitalises, nurtures and promotes fuller, healthier hair for both men and women
      • Wear for just 6 minutes per day, every day to see results as soon as 3 months
      • A full 30 more laser diodes than the previous base model, CapillusUltra

      Our Expert View

      Treat hair loss, hair thinning and pattern balding during your daily routine with the newest laser therapy device from Capillus. Experience full hair restoration at the “drop of a hat.” Designed with LASERFLEX™ technology, the flexible silicone fit ensures maximum comfort and full-spectrum laser coverage. Ideal for reversing the appearance of genetic hair loss, such as androgenetic alopecia.

      Suitable for men and women, the unisex cap provides a discreet treatment that you can wear at home or out and about. Hair takes time to grow, but it’s never too late to start. After daily 6-minute treatments, you’ll notice initial changes within 6 months, visibly fuller hair in 12 months and dramatically thicker, healthier hair in 24 months. From there, simply wear daily to maintain your youthful results.


      Powered by 112 medical-grade laser diodes and featuring 560 mW total energy output, this hands-free device offers incredible scalp coverage. Each diode is placed into the interior surface of the dome, providing coverage for areas especially prone to hair thinning. Clinically proven continuous lasers activate every hair follicle to encourage hair growth and prevent hair loss. No clinics needed. Bring your hair regrowth device with you on-the-go.

      Easily store your rechargeable battery in your belt or pocket to move freely during your treatment.

      Not only convenient and highly efficient, this FDA-cleared laser therapy device comes risk-free. Eye-safety sensors prevent accidental laser light exposure, while timed auto-programmed sessions ensure that you don’t have to watch the clock. It’s that simple.

      HOW TO USE

      Step 1: Place the CapillusOne device onto your head.

      Step 2: Cover with the cap provided, or a cap of your choice.

      Step 3: Continue with your day during the 6-minute hands-free treatment.

      Step 4: After the auto shutoff, remove your cap and device.

      Step 5: Safely store, ready for use the following day.


      The biggest difference between each cap is the number of laser diodes. The more diodes in a Capillus Laser Cap, the denser its scalp coverage. More hair follicles are targeted, helping achieve denser, fuller therapeutic treatments and better results over time.

      CapillusUltra is an economical and practical solution. Ideal for someone in the early stages of hair loss or hair thinning, this hair loss device has 82 laser diodes.

      CapillusOne has 30 more laser diodes than the CapillusUltra, making this the best valued-price cap for maximum scalp coverage.

      Powerful and affordable, CapillusPlus has 202 laser diodes and is a mid-range hair loss device. In addition, its coverage is 2.5 more than CapillusUltra.

      CapillusPro is a premium hair loss device with 272 laser diodes that offers the densest scalp coverage considered professional-grade. The strongest home-use device by Capillus, you may experience results faster than other Capillus devices.

      Additional Information


      Laser Type: 5 mW

      Wavelength: 650nm

      Output Mode: Continuous

      Please note that our regular size caps fit most heads, with a head circumference of up to 24". 

      If it is necessary to clean the surfaces of your Capillus® laser therapy cap, please follow these instructions. Note: the Capillus® laser therapy cap has no parts that can be serviced by the user. If service is required, contact Capillus, LLC.


      To clean the Capillus® laser therapy cap, gently wipe the inner surface of the laser device with an alcohol wipe or a water-moistened cloth. Do not use excessive pressure or force as this may damage the unit.

      DO NOT use acetone or any other solvents on any part of the device. Acetone and other solvents will damage the unit and void the warranty.

      Please refer to your manual for details.

      What's in the box?

      1. CapillusOne Laser Therapy Device
      2. Sports Cap
      3. Accessories Pouch
      4. Universal AC Adapter & 4 Interchangeable Input Blades
      5. Rechargeable Battery Pack
      6. User Manual
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