Holiday Beauty Prep: Get Your Skin Ready For The Party Season

• 05 December 2023

Holiday party season is just around the corner, bringing in a flurry of office do’s, celebratory meals and after work drinks. The need for a good Holiday facial has never been higher, but with the shopping, decorating and looming end of year deadlines—finding the time to book (let alone, attend) facial appointments can seem close to impossible. That’s why getting a head start on your Festive party beauty prep, even as early as November, is essential for feeling your best self come the big event.

It's best to start your newly elevated beauty regime now, for the ultimate Holiday party makeover; especially if you want to feel like the ‘belle of the ball.’ Get ready for the party with our expert approved beauty guide, featuring facial toning microcurrent, skin tightening radio frequency and anti-aging LED technology. Read on for the beauty products and beauty ideas that will get you ready for the Holiday season.


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4 to 6 weeks to go

If you’re starting to feel sluggish, now’s the time to get back into action and get your pre-Holiday body moving to keep yourself energised. Low intensity workouts such as pilates and yoga are ideal for increasing your flexibility—not to mention a welcome respite from your busy schedule. The HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF Mat makes the perfect yoga partner; ideal for stretching, meditating or warming up. The combined technologies give your body a full detox, reducing stress and tension. You’ll notice better sleep, a boost in energy and enhanced mental clarity. 

Lay the mat on a flat surface, choose your level and comfortable temperature setting, then relax. Healing crystals, amethyst and tourmaline, emit negative ions to fight free radicals, infrared flushes out toxins from your body, while pulsed electromagnetic waves support’s natural muscle recovery.


To save the rush (and hassle) of shaving on the big day, simply use the SmoothSkin Pure Fit ahead of time to visibly remove unwanted hairs. This portable IPL (intense pulsed light) device is perfect for the upper lip, arms, underarms, legs and bikini line. After about 2 weeks, you’ll really start to notice significant hair reduction, with any remaining hairs appearing much finer and lighter.

The Pure Fit offers an easy, no fuss solution to hair removal, ideal for beginners to at-home IPL devices or anyone with a busy schedule. Each session only takes 10 minutes for full body hair removal.


2 to 4 weeks to go

Freshen up your skincare routine with the glow-inducing benefits of red LED light therapy for smoother, fresher and more youthful skin—perfect for seamless makeup application. Typically used in-clinic to regenerate healthy cellular activity and refresh collagen synthesis, you can now achieve the same wrinkle reducing results from home with the CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Face Mask. Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles in just 4 weeks, there’s no better time to ramp up your Holiday party prep than now.  

95% of users also saw an improvement in skin tone, texture and firmness after using the wearable, hands free mask for 10 minutes, 5 days a week. One customer said of the mask: “I wasn’t expecting much of a result but was hopeful. Within a short amount of time my skin texture improved, pores were smaller and my lines all round have definitely decreased. A bonus is I find it a relaxing 10 minutes just for me!”

Don’t have 10 minutes? No problem. Target the areas you want to refresh the most in 3 minutes with the CurrentBody Skin LED Eye Perfector and CurrentBody Skin LED Lip Perfector. Loved by celebrity makeup artist’s to get their clients ready for the red carpet, these devices are great for quickly depuffing eyes and plumping lip volume. 

Nick Barose, makeup artist to Lauren Ridloff, considers the Eye Perfector as the perfect first step before makeup: “Concealer glides on like a dream, with a flawless finish.” Designed to stimulate collagen and elastin, this eye brightening gadget uses 4 clinically proven wavelengths to diminish dark circles, eye bags, crow’s feet, brow furrows and fine lines. Other fans of this 3-minute wearable device include ‘Emily in Paris’ star Lucas Bravo and beauty expert Wayne Goss. 

Highly commended as the Best Skincare Device in the Marie Claire Skin Awards 2022, the Lip Perfector is unrivalled for creating plumper, smoother and softer lips. Although named the ‘most popular needle-free lip filler alternative’ by COSMOPOLITAN, it’s also proven to dramatically reduce any bruising and swelling after injections or filler.

Now that you know your skin will be glowing and makeup-ready, the ZIIP HALO can give your facial features an instant lift. Microcurrent facials are a ‘non-negotiable’ for beauty editors, aestheticians and A-lister’s alike to achieve that sculpted, toned and effortlessly ‘lifted’ look. As the world’s most powerful nanocurrent and microcurrent at-home facial device, the ZIIP HALO comes preset with ‘THE LIFT’— a facial lifting treatment that visibly lifts brows, sculpts the jawline and tightens slack skin in just 4 minutes.

You can use this right before your event to lift, contour and brighten. But you’ll see even better results after a few weeks; and who doesn’t want to look their very best?


christmas party prep


1 week to go

It’s getting colder, and the day of the Holiday party is getting even closer. Make sure your skin stays plump, bouncy and hydrated with the FOREO UFO 3 LED & NIR Advanced Skin Wellness Booster, proven to increase moisture levels by 126% in just 2 minutes. Even more effective than sheet masks alone, the UFO 3 is designed to mimic in-spa facials, featuring cryo-therapy, thermo-therapy and LED light therapy. The best part? You can personalise your facials with FOREO’s wide range of UFO-Activated Masks

The best way to ensure your sheet masks and skincare products are fully absorbed into your skin, is with regular steam facials. When used for around 5 minutes after your first cleanse, you can easily lift trapped oil, makeup, dirt and debris from your pores. This sets you up with the smoothest, clearest and freshest skin for flawless makeup application on the day of your big event. 

Effectively remove any impurities with the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Pro Hydro-Mist Steamer, uniquely engineered with a negative ion charge to gently warm and open pores. One customer, Celia said that she was, “Really delighted with this little steamer. It has been a game changer for me as it really cleanses my skin and it's very easy to use. Creates a lot of steam and you can also direct the nozzle for where you feel you might need a bit more.” 


On the day

Before getting started on your skincare routine, take a few minutes to remove peach fuzz with the bestselling DERMAFLASH LUXE+ Device. Not only does it create a hair free base for makeup, but the light exfoliation of dead skin cells also makes skin silky smooth.

One customer said of her experience: "I really love this device. It works, it’s easy to use, no chance of cutting yourself...and skin feels incredibly soft afterwards. You could get the same result with an eyebrow razor, or a dermaplane blade (tried that. It was a bloodbath for me), but this is a simple, thorough, and safe way to do it. I’ve found that even those thick and dark hairs don’t grow as quickly (no idea why that is. Any tool is just cutting the hair off at the surface of the skin. This tool has some wizardry)."

And for anyone experiencing a last-minute breakout, don’t worry. The FACEGYM Acne Light Shot can reduce breakouts in 20 minutes using clinically proven blue LED light therapy. It instantly calms inflammation; reducing pore size and oiliness by up to 80% without any need for downtime. One reviewer said, "My teenage son has already claimed it for himself. Truly though, he had this breakout on his chin, he used it for 4 days straight and I couldn't believe the difference it made in his breakout! By day 4 and it was practically invisible."

Blue light at the specific (415nm) wavelength is also known to prevent future breakouts and soothe inflammatory acne. We recommend using FACEGYM’s Acne Light Shot once daily to keep your complexion clear before the all-important Christmas party.  

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Previously a professional makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics and copyeditor for melanin skincare brand 456 Skin, Vinona has over 12 years of hands-on experience within the beauty industry. Whether as a makeup artist or beauty editor, she enjoys connecting with real people to educate, inspire and learn from. You can find her sipping on an iced latte watching her favorite K-dramas, while wearing her anti-aging CurrentBody Skin LED Mask.
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