The Difference Between NIRA Skincare Laser and Iluminage Skin Smoothing Laser

Skincare • 21 June 2019

Have you been wondering what the differences are between the NIRA Skincare Laser and Iluminage Skin Smoothing Laser? Perhaps you're looking for an anti-aging device that doesn't break the bank or your pain threshold. Read on to discover more.

NIRA has discovered what you can do with a laser, without the side effects of similar devices, including the (now discontinued) Illuminage Skin Smoothing Laser device. Laser therapy causes micro-injuries underneath the skin to naturally produce more collagen and elastin, giving your skin a softer, smoother and more youthful appearance. The only problem with the Illuminate Skin Smoothing Laser, although it delivered great results, it also caused pain during the process. 

NIRA Skincare Laser is a painless version of the Illuminage Skin Smoothing Laser by harnessing a laser beam that peaks at a certain point just below the human pain threshold. The Illuminage had a powerful laser, which unfortunately overrode the pain threshold which caused significant discomfort.

The NIRA Skincare Laser reverses this effect by using non-fractional laser to heat the skin to the point where dermal cells send out HSP (heat shock protein formation) stimulating cells to rejuvenate and increase collagen production.

With the Illuminage it involved a treatment time starting at 1-minute, building up to 10 minutes in the 8-week treatment period, combined with the stinging and redness. There was also a shedding of skin cells as the injury caused below the skin comes to the surface, causing roughness, meaning your skin actually gets worse before it gets better. The results at the other side are fantastic, but you have to get there first.

The NIRA Skincare Laser however has no downtime, meaning no redness, no shedding and no pain. Plus, you only need to use it for 2 minutes per day, 1-minute per treatment area, such as your eyes or smile lines.

These before and afters speak for themselves...

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